At the start of 2021, we in Croydon knew that the Local Elections of 2022 were going to be
critical. If the failing Labour council maintained control, our borough would be forever ruined by
the cabal of arrogant nutters who sought to build the Conservatives out of Croydon, further
bankrupt us, sell off land to their mates and raise taxes to cover their maladministration of our
finances. Indeed, if we did not gain control, Croydon would never see a Conservative-controlled
council again!

With bankruptcy and scandal at hand, we had a real shot at taking back control of our
borough, then came ‘Partygate’. When the partygate scandal became the number one issue in
national politics, we all winced, we knew that (as it seems to be the norm) the actions of the
national party would hurt our chances locally. A prediction that seemed to have unfortunately
affected our hardworking and dedicated colleagues across the country. It became clearer than
ever before that one cannot rest on the laurels of one’s MPs to be effective in one’s community,
there needed to be a real local focus on local issues with local people representing our needs.

Enter Croydon’s Local Conservatives. Admittedly, this change in name should have happened
ages ago as it seems that we in Croydon always seem to prioritise our local communities and
objectives than the national picture- rightly so. But most pressingly, it signalled to residents
what we in the party always knew. That we campaign not primarily because we would like a big
shiny big-blue-bus-promoting government in power, but because we do so because we know
that Conservative councils tend to focus on the needs of their community and not some
egregious vanity project, at least a majority of Conservative councils.

With all of that in mind i am beyond glad to say that we have, with a small margin, elected Jason
Stephen Perry as Croydon’s First Directly-Elected Mayor. This election is significant personally
and nationally.

Personally, I know Jason to be a man who is above and beyond the right person for the job- his
background, his hardwork and his love of Croydon is exactly what our home needs. So to see
him, after what can only be described as a tough campaign, win is to-date, the happiest moment
in my political life. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried when we got the result!

Nationally, Jason is the first-ever Conservative Directly Elected Mayor anywhere across our
country which means that we have the privilege to develop our party's policy on Directly Elected

Mayor; the loss of traditional Conservative Councils like Wandsworth and Westminster also
beckons a new light on what the party ought to focus on.

Levelling up and new opportunities are not privy to the towns in the North- although they require
intense attention- the need for levelling up can be found here in the South East and London,
demographical changes in Tory voters were also a key way in which we won here. Labour safe
seats, such as Norbury Park where I ran, have had their majorities slashed and are now by any
reasonable calculations marginal seats that are ripe for the picking.

Now is the time for our party to focus on building activist infrastructure locally across the country
and deliver victories and tangible change.

Kofi Owusu Frimpong,
Deputy Chairman (Political), Croydon Conservative Federation.
Chairman, Croydon Young Conservatives.

P.S. If you want to get into contact about any campaigning in Croydon or about our upcoming
Winter Ball for YCs then send me an email at