We all know the challenges facing us over the coming years, especially on 5th May. We are needing to reinforce our Blue Wall on all fronts, North, South, East and West. And on top of that, we have the day to day challenges of being a Councillor, whether in administration or opposition.

We are still at a high watermark of Conservative Councillors and Councils, but the tide is going out now. I want to bring my experience as a highly effective campaigner, a District Councillor and Cabinet Member, to the CCA Board.

Having already supported Councillors and candidates across Oxfordshire, Surrey and Hampshire, I know first-hand how valuable it is to make sure we all have the right tools. Bringing Councillors together from different areas showed the wealth of experience we have as a group, we should capitalise on that—something I would do. Having supported and encouraged many young Councillors, I know the challenges, and sometimes prejudices, that you face. However, you are the future of Conservatives and should be given the same opportunities as those with more “experience”. We need our Party and our Councillors to be representative of all society, that is not just sex and race, but also age.

The CCA is there for all of us, but I believe it could be much more. It could be pivotal in focusing resources and sharing campaigning best practice, allowing us to hold on to our seats. Enabling a peer-led training scheme, giving more support to our new candidates and Councillors, bringing together resources and best practice. We have all been on the receiving end of the endless Motions from our opposition, and their negative campaigning, now we need to make sure that all Conservative Councillors have the tools to fight back.

I hope with your support I can bring my experience of how to win, whether in our cities, towns or rural areas, to the CCA.