The Young Conservative Case for Boris Johnson

The Conservative Party is amid an internal battle for the soul of the party, and the cure is Boris Johnson. In 2019, Boris was able to be a unifier. The ERG, the One Nation Group, Red Wall, Blue Wall, Brexiteer, Remainer, all were in the same Cabinet and on the same page. Boris is a man, and a politician, that can bring the Conservative Party back from the abyss and we should allow him to do it again.

It was only three years ago that Boris was able to make individuals up and down this nation make the 2019 election in December the first time that they have ever voted Conservative in their life. Some in our party seem to have very short memories and should remember the feat that he has achieved in London – twice – the general election, and let’s not forget, the referendum on our membership of the European Union.

David Cameron was 13 points behind Ed Miliband in 2013, Boris was not even close to that during the Spring, when the party decided to turn against him. However – knowing he had a democratic mandate to fulfil – stood by this country and made us proud to be the first nation in Europe to assist the people of Ukraine in their fight from freedom and against oppression.

I am not saying that Penny Mordaunt nor Rishi Sunak would be able to prevent the bleeding that our party is currently under, but they are a sticking plaster, and we need a cure. People from Hartlepool to Bishop Auckland were proud to back our party, and our Prime Minister, and we should allow him to prove the naysayers, the media, the Labour Party and commentators who still – to this day – do not accept the result of the people in 2016 wrong, once again.

It is a tired phrase, but it is not a lie to say that Boris did get the big calls right. He prevented a hard-core socialist from entering Downing Street, he supported our national independence from the European Union and delivered it, he assisted President Zelenskyy in his fight for liberty and freedom, and delivered the vaccine development, roll-out and the COVID-19 pandemic, which nearly claimed his own life.

Our party has flatlined, and it needs a return to jovial unity. We need someone to ensure our fifth election victory. Make no mistake, we are fighting for the life and soul of our party, and the wrong decision could prove fatal. We have removed three Prime Ministers in four years, it is now time for us to return to the one who obtained us the largest majority since Lady Thatcher in 1983. It is time, once again, to evoke the words, Back Boris.