I am backing Liz Truss to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister as
we need someone that has experience, honesty, and integrity. Someone who will bring us
back, as a Party, to what we should be. A party of low tax, supporting enterprise, helping
families, backing our communities, and right now, supporting people with the cost of living.

Liz has shown during her time at the Department for International Trade and at the Foreign
Commonwealth and Development Office that she is more than capable of delivering for the
British people. Some seek to demerge her past as someone who voted for Remain as someone
who is unfit for this time, but her delivery shows otherwise. She has delivered on our vote to
leave the European Union at every opportunity, and I have no doubt that she will continue to
allow us to feast on the opportunities of Brexit.

The policies of increasing taxation in an inflationary crisis are not only morally wrong, but
economically wrong. We should be focusing on wealth creation, increasing foreign direct
investment, and making sure that we can get out of the cycle of sluggish growth.

I also think it is vitally important that following the war in Ukraine, and decades of
underfunding that we invest in our Armed Forces. This is why I am pleased to hear that Liz
will support uplifting the budget for the Ministry of Defence to at least 3% by the end of the

We need a leader that will deliver on our 2019 manifesto, and restore faith in our economy
and our politics. A leader who will put more money in the pockets of working families up and
down the United Kingdom, and will ensure that we have a fighting chance of claiming that
historic fifth election victory. I am proud to support Liz’s candidacy for Prime Minister, and I
urge you to back her too, for the good of the country and our party.