From the back benches and the Chairmanship of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Tom
Tugendhat has repeatedly shown himself to be the best candidate for the next leader of the
Conservative and Unionist Party.

Before discussing his policy, I think it is pertinent to discuss how Tom’s background places
him to be the best candidate for our next leader. Tom has an operational military
background, unlike any of the other candidates, having served two tours of service in both
Iraq and Afghanistan. This gives Tom Tugendhat a perspective on foreign affairs that no
other candidate possesses’. He has first-hand experience of how military intervention affects
civilians, with military training giving him the leadership experience one needs to run a
country effectively and the ability to make tough decisions.

Tom has been a staunch critic of the Johnson government, as well as being the Chair of the
Foreign Affairs Select Committee. This provides Tom with unique insight into the operations
of Government policy, and the engagement in international consensus building surrounding
human rights, NATO, and humanitarianism with our allies and partners across the globe.

Frankly, the party is not in the position to fight an election. Our reputation has been tarnished
by scandal, sleaze, and poorly selected candidates, all of which are linked to the calamitous
leadership of Boris Johnson. Tom can firmly draw a line under this and help our party deliver
the promises we made to the British people at the last election.

Tom’s policies have a forward-looking yet moderate conservative approach. I believe that he
is the only candidate with a clear understanding of how Britain should deal with the rise of
China. Having been one of five MP’s already sanctioned by China, it is clear that Tom is
happy to stand up for British interests on the international stage. It also demonstrates his
passion for the causes he supports, furthering British values and international social justice.

In my opinion, Tom belongs at the head of the party. He has the vision, the experience, and
the distance from Boris Johnson that few other candidates can claim. I am backing Tom
Tugendhat for a clean start.

Only Tom can build a moderate coalition to unite and win the next election.