Refusals Policy

The Board of the Young Conservative Network has formulated a policy in relation to refusals to our events, online or in person, to ensure the safety of our events and that they proceed in a positive manner for our guests and members.

This policy has been agreed to ensure that all events that the Young Conservative Network participate in or host are conducted with the proper standards expected by our organisation and the events we seek to host.

Through this policy, the Young Conservative Network has the unequivocal right to refuse entry to events, online or in-person, on the following grounds:

  • An individual who is intoxicated or inebriated, and may display characteristics, such as erratic behaviour, slurred speech, or improper conduct,
  • An individual who, with agreement from the Disciplinary Liaison, is subject to the Emergency Disciplinary Procedure under the Code of Conduct,
  • An individual who seeks to interrupt or cause unwarranted issues to one of our events,
  • An individual who seeks to violate the Code of Conduct in any form, whether they are a member of the Young Conservative Network or not.

If this is decided, the decision of whether the individual will be given a refund of some level or not, if they have paid, for such an event will be at the discretion of the Chairman.